This Smoothie Bowl Hack Won’t Drive You Bananas

This Smoothie Bowl Hack Won’t Drive You Bananas

Sooo I think we can all agree that smoothie bowls have officially made the shift from a trend to a staple. I mean… is there any morning woe that can’t be fixed by a superfood packed, unicorn lookin’ breakfast?

The versatility of smoothie bowls is undeniable, there is just one pitfall that needs to be avoided: Too much Banana!

There is no question that smoothie bowls are chock full of the best foods for your body, but unfortunately too much of anything can be a bad thing. As a smoothie bowl obsessor trying to get the perfect color, consistency, and volume out of my smoothie bowl can lead to packing in unnecessary amounts of banana, avocado, nut butters, coconut meat, or whatever ingredient you use to beef up your bowl.

This process has the potential to yield a highly deceptive final product containing tons of hidden calories, fats, and sugars. Luckily, mother nature has provided us with some nutritious and low-calorie alternatives to give your bowl that extra oomph without negating the nutrition or taste of your beautiful bowl:

Zucchini + Cauliflower

Before you dismiss these as the perfect fillers thinking that they’ll make your smoothie bowl weird somehow, let me assure you that you can’t taste either of them at all. Seriously, at all. Since neither of these vegetables have particularly loud flavors, they are ideal for bulking up your bowl without altering the flavors you work so hard to achieve. They both have different and wonderful qualities that can add the perfect body to your smoothie in a pinch, so I like to keep tons of chopped up frozen zucchini and cauliflower on hand at all times.

Save your banana to use as a topping! This smoothie bowl base includes lots of zucchini and superfoods like spirulina and kale.

Frozen zucchini makes a perfect base for a light, fresh smoothie bowl that won’t weigh you down or absorb and mask other subtle flavors. Since they’re mostly just water, you can toss in lots of zucchini to make a high volume, low-calorie smoothie bowl. I particularly like to use them for green smoothie bowls, or bowls where I am already including avocado or other creamy ingredients so that the texture is well-balanced.

Cauliflower, on the other hand, is the perfect counterpart for zucchini in that it builds a smoothie bowl to a thicker consistency that will balance out overpowering flavors. For fruity smoothie bowls, cauliflower is my go-to base even over banana because of it’s low sugar content that allows me the freedom to include more berries or flavor building, characterizing fruit.

To be honest, I usually just end up throwing in a handful of each with whatever other flavorful fruit or veggies I want to add. I generally prefer these veggies over ice for adding bulk to my smoothie bowls because unlike ice, they don’t melt!

Part of beauty of these two awesomely healthy smoothie bases is their accessibility, they are available at virtually any supermarket year round. We all know that the proof is in the pudding (or the smoothie in this case), so go ahead and play around with these two magical ingredients and have fun testing out different combinations and consistencies!



National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one every come to you without leaving happier.”

– Mother Theresa

This years National Eating Disorder Awareness Week goes from February 26 until March 4.  I feel that this is the right time to share a little bit about my personal journey evolving through my own ED and were it has left me:

*warning: if you are in the early stages of recovery or are easily triggered, the following paragraphs may not be suitable for you to read.

Since before I can even remember I’ve never had good body image – and that’s no exaggeration. I have memories of wearing baggy clothes to school in second grade because I wanted to hide my thighs. By the time I reached age 15 I had already started secretly engaging in bulimic behaviors which continued on for the next 5 years of my life.

I wasn’t “scary skinny”, and I never let it effect my school work or extracurricular activities, I even started college while I was in the midst of it all. Not a single person knew.

By the time I reached age 20 it had gotten out of hand. My lifestyle had become completely unsustainable. I was teeter-tottering between bulimia and orthorexia every 90 days or so  and the extreme cycles of intense binging and purging followed by starvation and over exercise began to wreak havoc on every aspect of my life.

I was in college and it was effecting my grades and performance in my job as well as my relationships with my roommates, friends, and family. I was acting selfishly. I would black out every time I drank any alcohol because I never had any electrolytes or nutrients in my system. I began to isolate myself. It wasn’t until I started experiencing some scary physical side effects that I realized my “bad habit” was an ED that needed to be dealt with.

It was at this point that I opened up to my Mother and a few close friends about it, and made the decision to put my life on hold to pursue treatment. I left college and moved home to heal, I also got my Yoga Teaching certification and became interested in new age spirituality at this point.

Eventually I entered residential ED treatment in San Diego (where I now live) and worked my way through Intensive Out Patient (IOP) treatment before officially “graduating”.

Although the initial and hardest phases of recovery are behind me, I consider it a lifelong process. Every day is a new opportunity to grow in my self love as well as an opportunity to forgive myself if I struggle.

Through this journey I have learned an incredible amount about life, spirituality, and interacting with others.

I have a distinct memory of the first time I went to the doctors office for an “Eating Disorder Consultation”. I asked the nurse who was taking my vitals not to say my weight out loud, I did not want to know. She ignored my request. She then noticed what my appointment was for and told me to go home, get on with my life, and “cut it out”.

She told me “you look fine, you don’t have an eating disorder”

Thank God I ignored her.

This experience stuck with me, it opened my eyes to what it can be like for all the different kinds of people who struggle with things you might not expect or understand.

Awareness needs to be raised for eating disorders as well as all mental health ailments and addictions. As a community, we need to be more respectful of our fellow humans – allowing them the right to their feelings without judgement.

Having only walked in our own set of shoes, none of us have the right to judge another person based on their feelings or circumstances or to feel that we are superior and could better handle what they’re going through. We especially do not have the right or authority to invalidate someone elses feelings by telling them what they’re feeling is wrong, how they should feel instead, or that their feeling or circumstance is a choice.

It is not our responsibility to judge, it is only our responsibility to love. Period.

Love and compassion is the only way – and this includes yourself. Think of how you would treat your very best friend if they were experiencing whatever it is you’re going through and treat yourself and all of your fellow humans that same way.

It’s time for mental health stigmas to end and for us to be more educated on the reality and facts about all mental health ailments. It all starts with movements like NEDA Week and people like us speaking out.

You can make a difference today by reaching out to someone with some kind words, or even just sending out love and prayers during meditation. It all start with small steps, for me it’s always all about small steps.

If you would like to learn more about this topic or feel that you or a loved one may be experiencing an ED, don’t hesitate to visit the NEDA Website or call their HelpLine at (800) 931-2237


Happy Valentine’s Day

This day gives us an excuse to celebrate all of the love & light in our worlds – including the love and light within ourselves

Celebrate by practicing self care and treating yoself !!

Need some ideas? here are 10!

1. take a luxurious bath

2. open a nice bottle of red wine

3. do some yoga!!

4. do a face mask

5. take up a new hobby (like cross-stitch)

6. watch the sunset

7. call your mom + tell her you love her

8. paint your nails

9. watch the notebook or dirty dancing

10. buy yourself a gift!


pintrest 1


I’m sending you all extra love today


Baked “Fries” + Hummus Ketchup + Ginger Lemon Greens ‘n Beans

Baked “Fries” + Hummus Ketchup + Ginger Lemon Greens ‘n Beans

Want to know my new motto?  Act like a potato, eat a potato

creative, right?

don’t answer that.

This dinner is one of my all time favorites because it checks all the boxes: balanced, nutrient dense, tastes the opposite

As a bonus it only takes about 30 minutes to make (only about 10 if you don’t include baking time) which is perfect after a long day when you just want to chill with a good dinner.

Normally I would eat “fries” with just a regular salad, but I lately I have been trying to eat foods that will pacify my Ayurvedic constitution (which I believe is having an imbalance toward Kapha right now). This means transitioning away from cold foods in favor of more warm foods!

I can’t wait to learn and share more about my dive into Ayurveda – for now, this dinner is easy and yummy as hell.



  • white potato (one per person)
  • smoked paprika seasoning
  • olive or avocado oil (I used spray-on olive oil from TJ’s)
  • pink salt

Hummus Ketchup:

  • ketchup (I use low sugar)
  • red pepper hummus
  • water


  • greens of your choice (I used mixed baby spinach, kale, and chard)
  • ginger (I use “stir-in ginger paste from TJ’s – fresh would probably be better though)
  • garlic (I use minced garlic in a jar haha, it’s convenient)
  • lemon juice (I use store bought organic, not-from-concentrate – I know fresh is much better but it’s just hard for me to have fresh lemons on hand all the time)
  • black beans (*I exclusively use Eden Foods Organic Black Beans because they pressure cook the beans removing most of the inflammation causing lectins found in beans)
  • pink salt
  • water



  1. Preheat ovan to 450
  2. Chop potato into wedges slightly larger than your average french fry
  3. Grease pan with oil of choice and place fries on pan
  4. Sprinkle on generous amounts of smoked paprika and pink salt and shake pan to evenly coat wedges
  5. Bake 15 mins then flip wedges with a fork
  6. Bake another 15 mins
  7. Remove from oven and enjoy!

Hummus Ketchup:

  1. Combine equal parts ketchup and hummus in a small bowl
  2. Add small amounts of water and stir with a fork until desired consistency is reached


  1. In a sauce pan, mix  2-3 tbsp of water with with around a tsp of garlic and ginger, a splash of lemon juice and salt to taste over medium heat
  2. Add in a few large handfuls of greens and scant 1/3 C black beans
  3. Mix and sauté until greens are mostly wilted and beans are warm

I hope you enjoy these! I paired it with a nice glass of red wine and this weeks episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians…¯\_(ツ)_/¯


My 5 Essentials for Finding a Zen Meditation Groove

My 5 Essentials for Finding a Zen Meditation Groove

Since I started meditating about a year ago, I’ve found that having a small area in my home or bedroom dedicated to my meditation practice really helps me to get into a zen groove and stay committed to sitting in meditation day after day.

For me, meditation can be like exercising in that sometimes it’s hard to bring myself to do it, but when I finally do I never regret it. Below are a couple of the tools I use to enhance my experience and motivate myself:

1. A Great Spot

When you’re choosing a spot in your home to transform into a zen corner, it’s important to pick a place where you’re able to completely relax and be uninterrupted by roommates or family – I suggest picking a low-traffic room rather than common areas like living and dining rooms.

Another thing to look for is natural lighting. I have found that natural light is the best form of lighting for meditating because it is calm and peaceful in comparison to harsh overhead lights.

Don’t be discouraged if you live in small quarters or have roommates, my meditation corner is simply a corner in my bedroom! The most important thing is to find a spot where you’re able to relax and be uninterrupted for the duration of your meditation – all the rest is just bonus!

2. Aromatherapy

One of the ways I set the scene for myself before meditation is by lighting a candle and turning on my essential oil diffuser.

I encourage you to shop around and find the scent that makes you feel most at peace and cleansed, however some of the most popular essential oils for meditation include sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, ylang-ylang, and clary.

My favorite place to purchase these are Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and because they have fun varieties and oil blend bundles for lower prices!

3. A Comfortable Seat

The number one thing on my wish list right now is one of those meditation pillows… but for now I just sit on a yoga block.

Some people prefer sitting on the ground, however I find that sitting on the edge of a folded yoga mat or a block helps me sit up straighter!

4. Relaxing Music

During my meditations I like to have some background music to help me stay in the moment. Since I’m so easily distracted, it’s extremely important that the music has no vocals.

I find my meditation music by simply searching “meditation music” or “sound healing” in Spotify and then listening to the most popular playlists (Kim Kardashian actually has a pretty good one)! You could also search for meditation music in YouTube, Pandora, or whatever music platform you prefer.

Another option if you’re just beginning to find your meditation groove is guided meditations. I enjoy guided meditations when I am struggling with or working through something, and even when I am just feeling foggy or unable to focus.

Some of my favorite resources for guided meditation include YouTube, YogaGlo, Yoga Journal, and the apps Calm, and HeadSpace.

5. Extras

There are many different things that can help you to connect, ground, or manifest when you’re meditating. Some of my favorite include holding a charged and programmed crystal in the palm of my hand, cleansing my and my home’s energy using a sage smudge stick, rubbing an essential oil between the palms of my hand, utilizing mudras (sort of like yoga poses with your hands!), being near a couple plants, and a few others!

Adding in extras like these to your meditation practice can help you find a deeper connection when you feel like you need a little something extra. I will definitely write a post about my favorite ways to enhance my meditation practice in the near future!

There are a million other ways to create a blissed out meditation space for yourself, these are simply my favorites! I encourage you to branch out, research, and find the things that make your meditation-station irresistible to you.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with some helpful and practical tips for getting into meditating, stay tuned for my guides to my favorite extras!



Live Whole like Rupi

Live Whole like Rupi

Happy February!

I wanted to share how I’ve been feeling lately. Nobody could phrase it more eloquently than the amazing Rupi Kaur

Living a holistic, whole life is about catering to your mind, body, and spirit.

You can eat all the kale in the world but if you are harboring shame or hate or letting anxiety overcome you than you will not feel whole

This February I want to treat myself with more compassion and love and I hope that you will do the same!


My Favorite Wellness Podcasts Of The Month

Podcasts are my favorite form of entertainment these days because I can listen to them whenever I want – in the car, at the gym, or even at home while I’m doing chores around the house.

If you have a smart phone, you have the ability to listen to them for free through the podcast app that comes included in factory settings!

There are so many amazing podcasts on any topic you could imagine, but today I want to share with you my favorite wellness podcasts that I’ve been listening to lately:


The Ultimate Health Podcast hosted by Dr. Jesse Chapus and fiance Marni Wasserman is my go-to podcast right now

They are extremely knowledgeable health and wellness entrepreneurs who talk about all the most important and trending wellness topics from nutrition, diets, and exercise to self love, healthy relationships, and spirituality. Their podcast features real and in-depth interviews with some of the most influential people in wellness. Some of my favorite episodes are their interviews with  Steven Gundry (all my answers about gluten and lectins were answered in this episode), John Gray on relationships, Dan Buettner on Earths most healthy communities, Jordan Younger on her battle with orthorexia, and so many more.

I encourage you to browse their podcast topics. They share all types of philosophies and opinions from a place of non-judgement and moderation which keeps it fun and informational as well as non-triggering for anyone in any type of recovery.


2. SOUL ON FIRE PODCAST By Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde

If you’re into the wellness Instagram scene, then you’ve probably heard of Jordan Younger and her TBB empire.

Her podcast called “Soul On Fire” is a must listen if you’re looking to break into the new age spirituality community and learn about things like energy healing, reiki, kundalini yoga, crystals, meditation, mental health, eating for wellness, and more.

It’s also a great listen if you’re an aspiring wellness entrepreneur because Jordan makes sure to get the story behind how all of her guests got where they are in their careers.

This podcast is full of juicy interviews with influencers like Lee Tilghman of LeeFromAmerica, Jeannette Ogden of  ShutTheKaleUp, recipe developer Rachel Mansfield, the amazing Shamen Durek, Courtney Sawn of RealFoodology, and too many more to list.


3. THE MINDBODYGREEN PODCAST with MBG Founder & CEO Jason Wachob

Hosted by MBG founder and CEO Jason Wachob, the MindBodyGreen Podcast is another great way to hear the stories of some of the top wellness influencers and business people of the moment.

A wellness guru himself, Wachob knows the best questions to ask of the most distinguished wellness professionals and entrepreneurs. Some of my favorite interviews are with Shamen Durek, Frank Lipman, Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice, and Byron Katie of “The Work” (a must listen for anyone in recovery of any sort – or just anyone who is human).


4. BULLETPROOF RADIO with BulletProof Founder Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is one of the most hardcore health entrepreneurs of today and is overflowing with some awesome biohacks and tips to make every aspect of your life as non-toxic as possible.

The BulletProof Radio Podcast takes the term “detox” to the next level by diving into topics you may never have even considered could be effecting your health. If you enjoy hearing the science details behind things and nerding out about wellness, this is the podcast for you.

This series is so full of helpful nuggets, practical wellness tips that will change your day-to-day life,  wellness research findings, and surprising statistics. I often wish I had a pen and paper handy to take notes while listening to this one!


While these are just the wellness podcasts I am addicted to right now, I listen to tons of  different wellness podcasts that I will share as I become more familiar with them.

In addition to wellness podcasts, I also have a guilty pleasure for mystery podcasts, here are some of my favorites: Lore, Criminal, Death Sex + Money, My Favorite Murder, Stuff You Missed in History Class, This American Life, Serial, and Undisclosed

If you have any podcast recommendations for me, please comment or contact me!

xoxo & happy listening