This Smoothie Bowl Hack Won’t Drive You Bananas

This Smoothie Bowl Hack Won’t Drive You Bananas

Sooo I think we can all agree that smoothie bowls have officially made the shift from a trend to a staple. I mean… is there any morning woe that can’t be fixed by a superfood packed, unicorn lookin’ breakfast?

The versatility of smoothie bowls is undeniable, there is just one pitfall that needs to be avoided: Too much Banana!

There is no question that smoothie bowls are chock full of the best foods for your body, but unfortunately too much of anything can be a bad thing. As a smoothie bowl obsessor trying to get the perfect color, consistency, and volume out of my smoothie bowl can lead to packing in unnecessary amounts of banana, avocado, nut butters, coconut meat, or whatever ingredient you use to beef up your bowl.

This process has the potential to yield a highly deceptive final product containing tons of hidden calories, fats, and sugars. Luckily, mother nature has provided us with some nutritious and low-calorie alternatives to give your bowl that extra oomph without negating the nutrition or taste of your beautiful bowl:

Zucchini + Cauliflower

Before you dismiss these as the perfect fillers thinking that they’ll make your smoothie bowl weird somehow, let me assure you that you can’t taste either of them at all. Seriously, at all. Since neither of these vegetables have particularly loud flavors, they are ideal for bulking up your bowl without altering the flavors you work so hard to achieve. They both have different and wonderful qualities that can add the perfect body to your smoothie in a pinch, so I like to keep tons of chopped up frozen zucchini and cauliflower on hand at all times.

Save your banana to use as a topping! This smoothie bowl base includes lots of zucchini and superfoods like spirulina and kale.

Frozen zucchini makes a perfect base for a light, fresh smoothie bowl that won’t weigh you down or absorb and mask other subtle flavors. Since they’re mostly just water, you can toss in lots of zucchini to make a high volume, low-calorie smoothie bowl. I particularly like to use them for green smoothie bowls, or bowls where I am already including avocado or other creamy ingredients so that the texture is well-balanced.

Cauliflower, on the other hand, is the perfect counterpart for zucchini in that it builds a smoothie bowl to a thicker consistency that will balance out overpowering flavors. For fruity smoothie bowls, cauliflower is my go-to base even over banana because of it’s low sugar content that allows me the freedom to include more berries or flavor building, characterizing fruit.

To be honest, I usually just end up throwing in a handful of each with whatever other flavorful fruit or veggies I want to add. I generally prefer these veggies over ice for adding bulk to my smoothie bowls because unlike ice, they don’t melt!

Part of beauty of these two awesomely healthy smoothie bases is their accessibility, they are available at virtually any supermarket year round. We all know that the proof is in the pudding (or the smoothie in this case), so go ahead and play around with these two magical ingredients and have fun testing out different combinations and consistencies!