Hi There!

My name is Anna, I am a yoga practitioner, soon-to-be licensed Esthetician, reiki practitioner, and holistic health and beauty professional currently located in San Diego, CA. I have always been enchanted by natural, integrative health and beauty as well as eastern homeopathic medicine and my goal is to bring these two fields together to improve many aspects of each clients well being.

I am excited to offer holistic wellness coaching and advice, private or group yoga lessons, reiki energy healing sessions, and integrative facial and body treatments including acupressure, aromatherapy, reiki healing, chemical peels, with more to come as I expand my expertise.

My philosophy is that health and beauty can be achieved by almost anyone through naturally based methods and ingredients and that each individual will respond best to a personalized cocktail of different services, practices, and ingredients. If you would like my help in starting or continuing along your holistic path to optimal health and happiness, you can contact me here!

Peace, Namaste, Xo,